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This part of the site is still under construction, continously updated. Pictures in the archive are to be scanned, more detailed descriptions are to be written (linked pdf documents). Arthropods, Echinodorms and Vertebrates are the most complete ones so far. The detailed descriptions (pdf documents), which includes more and larger pictures, are so far only avaliable in swedish. The pdf-documents should, for optimal sharpness of the pictures, be viewed in 100%.


The identifications made are done based on observations made during diving and on the pictures taken. A correct and 100 percentage reliable identification require in most cases a microscopic investigation or even a DNA test. This is however not only unpractical but also of no interest for most divers. The divers are on the other hand the only people that have the oppertunity to see the animals and plants underwater in their natural environmental. They are in other words the only one that can see their natural shape and color and study their behaviour.


Divers, and everyone else I think, want a name on everything and also want to put it in some category. For a scientist the name question is simple : Use the latin, scientific, name. But for the common diver these names seem a little bit odd and hard to remember so english and swedish (my mother tongue) names are used as well. Only "well established names" have been used as far as I have knowledege. The english names used are based on the names in the book by Moen/Svensson. The swedish names are collected from the books presented in the reference list. If there seem to be no "well established" name no name at all is presented. For example the swedish name Gullmarsanemon (Protanthea simplex) seems not to be "well established" since there are different names in different part of the litterure in the reference list.


Less work have been put into the clsssification of the species into subphylum, classis .... All animals are however presented based on their phylum and some grouping of the species has been carried out not with the intention to bee scientific correct but to give the reader an overview of the species presented in the gallery.