Harald Svensson
Swedish Photographer and Diver
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Photo Equipment


Started with a Nikonos III in 1981 but soon moved to a Nikon F photomic which was housed in a DYFO Sub 35 underwater house together with a actionfinder and a Micro Nikkor 55mm/2.8. Changed to Nikon F3 with actionfinder and own built case for a TTL connected Metz 36 flash which worked perfect for macro shots. This equipment was used during a travel to the Great Barrier reef in Australia in 1988.

Has from then keept to the Nikon series from F, F3, F5 and now a Nikon D800. These have been housed in different watertight cases. The main reson for choosing the Nikon F-series cameras was the optical actionfonder which for the F5 is called DA-30. Missing this kind of viewfinder on the D800 and hope it will come in the future. The lenses used includes the AF-S 60mm/2.8 and the AF-S 105mm/2.8 Micro-Nikkor lenses together with Sigma AF 15mm/2.8 fisheye lense behind the 200mm and 100mm diameter Subal dome ports. Using twin housed Nikon SB-800 in iTTL mode using Nikon CLS with the D800 internal flash in CMD mode.

When traveling light a Sony RX-100 in a Aquapazza case and twin Sea&Sea 110 are used. These strobes works also together with the Nikon system. The Nikon SB-800/iTTL is however more accurat and gives the possibility to zoom the strobe light

On Land

Major part of the scenic pictures have been taken with a Hasselblad system. The medium format system consist of a Hasselblad 2003 FCW together with the CF FLE 50mm/4.0 Distagon and CF 150mm/4.0 Tessar lenses. Sometimes also the CF 500mm/8.0 Apotessar has been used when there was light enough for this rather slow lens. Almost all the times the proshade for the 50 and 150 lenses was used. Except for UV filters and polarizers there where no filters used at any time.

From 2009 the Hasselblad system has been (temporary ?) retired and replaced by a Nikon DSLR(D3x/D810) for scenic pictures mainly together with the fantastic Nikon AF-S 14-24mm/2.8G AF-S 24-70mm/2.8G or the IF-ED or a Nikon AF-S VR 70-200mm/2.8 G. For wildflife pictures, birds, there is also a Nikon AFS 300mm/2.8 ED lens together with the TC-14E and TC-17E teleconverters. For macro shots is the tremendously sharp Micro-Nikkor 200mm/4.0 AFD used .

For protecion of the equipment different LowePro bags such as the watertight DryZone 200 and Lens cases are used together with a couple of Underwater Kinetics hard cases.