Harald Svensson
Swedish Photographer and Diver
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Outdoor Equipment

A basic requirement when traveling in the outback is a easily carried, dry and windprotected place on which you can rely. I would say the best avaliable is the Hilleberg tents. The company was started in Hackås by Bo Hilleberg over 30 years ago. The main office has now moved a little north to Östersund where his children now continue running the company.Depending on the type of requirements a number of different models are avaliable. I use 3 different models depending on the actual requirement. For ligt weight travel and on solo tours a Nallo 2, with weight less then 2 kg, is used. The Staika 3 GT, with the extra space, is used for longer trips with the family. The Staika, which is self stabilized, is used for trips where there can be problems gettings the poles in the ground for example in the interior of of Iceland.

Hot food is a nice thing. A number of different high efficient field kitchens are on the market. I use Trangia with either the gas burner or for trips in colder climate a kerosene burner. The latter has an weight advantage also when the backpack tends to be overcrowded with camera equipment since it only use 1-1,5 Litres of kerosene cooking all meals for two persons for 14 days. It is easily packed and easy to handle even with gloves in the winter.

Sleaping bags shall keep you warm, weight nothing and take no place in your backpack. For the winter season the best alternative is a high quality down sleeping bag such as the RAB 1100 premier I use. Filled with 1100g 96/4 goose down. Down can however be ruined if getting wet so for the warmer and wetter period a synthetic sleeping bag is reccomended, I have Ajungilak kompakt which I'am very pleased with. Indpendent of season I use a cotton sheet closest to body to take care of the body moisture which otherwise will get into the sleeping bag which the must be washed up after each trip. During larger part of the year most of you´r body heat is transported down into the ground. This will be avoided by using a high insulation sleeping matress such as the Thermarest. The standard matress weights about 1 kg but it's worth it. You will sleep better and feel stronger when walking.

Rain, snow and wind. You must be protected. An outstanding serie of products are the Klättermusen. These are well designed well manufactured and the material are of highest quality. I my garderobe there is a Nunatak jacket made of Ventile cotten used during the winter season. The most used ones are the Megin wind and waterprof jacket and trousers. The trousers are soft enough to use instead of your normal trousers. The advantage of this is that they are not as hot as cotten trousers and still waterproof which means you can take a seat anywhere.