Harald Svensson
Swedish Photographer and Diver
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Marine Biology
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Diving Equipment

Are under normal conditions dressed in a Ursuit BDS Kevlar. Has a 5mm Mares wetsuit for summer diving and snorkling. Has been using Viking dry suits for almost 25 years but after 3 viking suits changed to a diverite in 2002 and now to Ursuit with plastic zipper in 2015. Was for a couple of years during the 80:s diving with a Aquion drysuit but felt it was to stiff and changed even though the Aquion felt undestructable. Underneath the divesuit is in the winter a Weezle Extreme Plus and in the summer a over 30 years old Viking undersuit.

Started with a DIVEX 324 (2*4L*300bar) in 1979 but after 1 year changed to AGA Divator 324. Upgraded in 1984 to an Interspiro MKII 326 (2*6L*300bar). Neither of those regulators have given any problem at any time independent of temperature and depth. Are now diving with twin 7l 232 bar bottles with AGIR bands, manifold with seperation and backplate. All this together with AGIR AW56 wing which give 250 N lift or a Buddy TekWing which give 220N lift. Have double Poseidon Xstream Deep regulators. Have a single tank adapter for the AGIR backplate which is used when diving with a 10L 300 bar single bottle.

Bought a pair of Force Fin Pro in 1996 and these are the only fins I have used ever since. Are using SI-tech ring system with standard, 5-finger, dry gloves during most part of the year and Viking latex thumb mittens for the coldest winter period, Januari to March. These mittens makes a great difference when holding the Subal case for almost 1 hour in water with a temperature of 2 degrees centigrade.