Harald Svensson
Swedish Photographer and Diver
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The Engineer

Joined, drafted to, the Swedish Royal Navy in 1981 and continued education to technical Naval Officer. Moved to Chalmers University of Technology in 1984 and got a Master of Science in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in 1988. During the last two years took courses at the departement of Underwater Technology. Continued the studies and recieved a lic. of Engineering in Marine Hydrodynamics in 1992. During this period also participated in the work at the departement of Underwater Technology. This includes operating the pressure chamber during research work on human divers. and also took active part as a diver in some research project for the Underwater departement. Assistent teacher in the course of hydromechanics and underwater technology for the graduate students. The own research work was in the area of numerical simulations with focus on fluid flow.

Was one of thre persons working in the seed-company DYNOMAR in Gotheburg. During this time the work was focused on applications connected to the offshore industri. Was during 1992 working as consultant in Oslo for the Norwegian Contractors. Left Gothenburg 1995 for Bofors Underwater systems,in Motala. Was here working with the development of a method for prediction and design of pumpjet propulsion unit to be used on the swedish torpedos and also engaged as technical project leader for the development of a controlsystem and simulation model for a customer on the offshore market. Was in Motala also involved in projects concerning propulsion of the Sea Owl.

Moved over to the aircraft industry, Celsius Aerotech, in 1999 and was participating in the development of guidance system and simulation models for the Taurus cruise missile, KEPD-350. Was after that working with simulation models and network simulations with the Swedish Air Force Combat Simulation Centre (FLSC) and FMW as a main customers. Are after 6 years as cunsultant at ProTang/Etteplan employeed at Saab Dynamics working with structural and fluid dynamic analysis.