Harald Svensson
Swedish Photographer and Diver
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Marine Biology
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The Diver

Got the first diver certificate, Nordiskt Sportdykarbevis" (CMAS**) in 1979 continued and became a CMAS instructor in 1981. Has been member of Hallsbergs Sportdykarklubb, Chalmers Dykarklubb, Motala Dykarklubb and Dykarkubben Örebrogrodorna and Örebro SportDykarklubb. Has also during periods being educational responsible in the counties of Närke and Östergötland. Has studied, and hold lectures, in underwater technology at Chalmers in Gothenburg. During the at Chalmers a work on the dive computers was carried out and published.

Is mostly interested in the marin life but has during the years also been doing a number of of wreck dives. During the time at Chalmers, see "the Scientist", participated in expeditions to investigate the status of the wheel steamer Erik Nordevall in lake Vättern.

Is mainly diving in the cold waters of Sweden, Norway and Scotland. Places of special interest in Sweden worth mentioned are the Koster archepelageo and the Gullmarsfjorden which both are very special when it comes to marine life. In Norway the places have varied during the years including Ålesund, Kristiansund, Lofoton and in the Alta fjord. Places visited in Scotland includes Shetland, Orkney, Scapa Flow, and the Outer Hebridees.

Started photographing underwater in 1981 with a a Nikonos III. To find out more go to "the Photographer".